Sunday, August 29, 2010

iEchoic's 1/1/2 Hellion Drop TvP

Starcraft 2 Terran Hellion Drop by iEchoic

 I'll start off by saying that I didn't invent most of the components of this build. I didn't invent 1/1/1 (or 1/1/2), and I did not invent 2starport play. However, I was dissatisfied with the rax/fact/rax/starport/starport opening as I felt the extra building time for the rax and gas wasted on marauder-based bio kept the build from being efficient. I began making a build to increase the efficiency of the two-starport core which is extremely versatile and difficult to counter in TvP. 

This build is an optimization and stylistic change to the 2-starport play which is becoming increasingly popular. I've been running this build for 3-4 days at ~1000 diamond level and have had a ton of success with it. I feel that it is more powerful and more versatile than most 2port play. 

Link to the full strat/build order can be found Here

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  1. nice strat for sc2

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