Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avilo's Terran Ghostmech Build (TvP)

Avilo's Ghost Mech + (1/1/1) Raven opening- Guide for Terrans that wants to fist smash Protosses in the face

All right, I feel that I have fine tuned ghost mech to the point where
a) it is viable itself as a standard tvp strategy
b) you will be able to have a unit composition all game long that works vs all Protoss unit compositions
c) the strategy is here for the long haul. yep, it has been effective since beta started and will continue to be
d) i've used it against very good players, so it is not just me bullshitting out a theorycraft, but putting it into practice
e) I can add +50 to my ego (^_^) and at the same time make all T stand a better chance vs the Protoss all-in invasion.

The full guide and discussion thread can be found here

pew pew!


  1. give it a try
    you can get trials to the game for free to see if it's to your liking

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