Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TvP 3-1-2 Build

Alright this guide will teach you the art of one base play, and more importantly a very useful build to add to your arsenal. This is a 1 marine 3 marauder 1 hellion poke that transitions into an army built from a total of 3 raxes, 2 starports, 1 factory. This idea was taken partly from TLO but is a build I have refined quite a bit.

This build starts off as a 1-1-1, where you build 1 rax(marine then techlab), one factory, than one starport when money allows. After you're 3rd marauder pops out as part of the early poke-in, throw down a starport, then two more raxes

The full guide and discussion can be found Here

pew pew!